Who are Irresistible Studios?

We are like your loyal best friend, through thick and thin. Throughout that production process, we have built a reputation for staying grounded and prioritising the creative. You can come to us with a big ol’ TVC with months to develop or a cool creative content piece with a budget due like… now - we will hit the ground running.

We started Irresistible in 2007 and were among the first digital-first production companies established in London. We pushed for quality in a medium that was still being considered as an afterthought. Today, we work globally with incredible creative talent across commercials, branded content, music videos and photography.

The people behind the production

Of course, we’d be nothing without the important people who make up Irresistible Studios.

Solution-orientated and hard working, we pride ourselves on our highly creative, complimenting and diverse team. We are a mix of creatives, trend-watchers, artists, business-minds, realists, jokers and dreamers.

We are not penned into one genre, instead, you’ll catch us scaling the walls of Sports, Beauty, Fashion and anything involving the great outdoors!

We’ve found trust is crucial across the board and that the best way to gain it is to deeply understand the people we work with and the people we work for. This helps us move in parallel towards our common creative goal and makes the production process a positive experience for everyone involved.

We handle briefs big and small with in-house producers who reflect the scale and pace of your job.

Irresistible is your go to for big TVC campaigns and stills.

We love a challenge and will throw everything behind your ideas! We crave that ultra-creative and daring brief which is ready to challenge the assumptions of what commercials can become.

We have an alternative production approach for that thumb-stopping social content, whiplash turnarounds, you know the stuff… *activating Green Bullet mode*.

Green Bullet is a dedicated social content wing.

To cater for that social first rocket fuel, without sacrificing any quality. We have producers who are well versed in nimble teams with a host of reliable people across this kind of work. A selection of our directors and team work across both Irresistible jobs AND Green Bullet jobs, so we can always ensure the highest quality and expertise for creative content.

Feast is our post and animation facility.

Designed from the ground up to combine the best talent, technology, service and security all within a series of luxurious suites as comfy as your lounge. Whatever you’ve captured on set, great post is the difference between mediocre and magnificent. We set up Feast to make sure the vision carries right through to delivery, evolving all the way. 

Where are we now and where next?

How existential of us…

Today, we reach a global audience with our work, we nurture and foster the development of established talent as well as offer access to the best freelance talent in the industry. We continue to expand our in-house capabilities, evolve our offering and push the limits of memorable and impactful, artistically led, visual storytelling, whether it’s meaningful and poignant content, a batshit viral or anything in between.

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