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Whisky distillery Glenglassaugh has released its latest campaign, ‘Awaken The Senses’, from creative agency Southpaw, production company Irresistible Studios, and director David J East.

Southpaw brought Irresistible Studios the brief to invoke a sense of harmony between the coastal environment surrounding Glenglassaugh distillery and the whisky itself, celebrating their contrasting yet complementary elements. A unique project, Irresistible Studios seized the opportunity for beautiful cinematography and visual storytelling that offers up a cornucopia of textures, colours, and ever-shifting seasonal light. 
With director David J East at the helm, working alongside DOP Keidrych Wasley, a delicate photographic lens was applied to the various natural elements that make up the timeless distillery process.

The finished scenic spot is set against the beautiful Scottish coastline of Sandend Bay, featuring harbour towns, peppered with ocean breeze and accompanied by an ancient, gentle spirit. Shots of rolling waves morph seamlessly into rippling whisky, aromatic amber liquid into fragrant yellow flowers, showcasing how all nature’s offerings are harnessed in a single Glenglassaugh bottle.


Awaken The Senses

David J East explains: “Southpaw and Glenglassaugh really let me get quite experimental with this project and create a film that is quite unique in the whisky world. We wanted to capture the surroundings of the distillery which shapes the flavour and the taste of the whisky, so we went with a quite elemental approach. It was such a special project to shoot.”

Southpaw’s creative director Glenn Smith adds: “Irresistible Studios and David J East couldn’t have been better partners for the Glenglassaugh campaign. They understood our creative vision and assembled just the right team to bring it to life. It was a complex shoot in a remote part of Scotland, but when faced with a challenge the answer from David and the crew was never “no,” it was “what if?” or “why not?” The stunning result speaks for itself and represents the Glenglassaugh brand in the truest sense!”

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