Jesse Ware channels Brazil in latest promo


Charlie Di Placido directs a striking promo with Irresistible Studios, for Jessie Ware. The track entitled ‘Begin Again’ is inspired by Ware’s time in Brazil, encompassing the sensuality, heat and essence of the South American environment. The promo features Ware as the pivotal figure throughout, as she moves across two polarised spaces embracing shadows and surrounded by dancers.

Jessie Ware

Begin Again

Di Placido says, "I’m a massive fan of Jessie's music and this album feels like a seminal musical moment for her. So this was real privilege of a project to work on. Her work ethic and personality really shone through during rehearsals and she was a joy to work with and so generous with her dancers. 

Dance is at the centre of everything I do as a director and a huge part of my day to day working life. The infectious energy and creative boundary pushing my dancers and choreographers bring to my projects is an endless source of inspiration. This was no different and working closely with Olivier Casamayou from I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER we found a performance that was both true to Jessie and the uplifting feeling of the music. Pete Bishop is an exciting young cinematographer I hold in high esteem and I love the look he achieved for the video, topped off by another stunning grade from my colourist Alex Gregory of No8 London.”

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